Economics & Business

Lesson one

The wool industry provides a diversity of potential career paths, from wool production and processing to fashion and textile design and many more in between. Careers in wool can be either on-farm or off-farm and present a plethora of opportunities to excite students and encourage them to further explore pathways along the wool supply chain.

The Australia wool industry’s premier publication — Beyond the Bale — provides industry professionals with an invaluable source of information to keep them up to date with the latest research, development and innovation along the full breadth of the supply chain.  This publication forms a core resource for this lesson, as it showcases the myriad of opportunities for students to engage with the industry and provides the basis for in-depth discussion about the types of roles on offer. 

This lesson assumes students have given some thought to potential careers they may be interested in. It provides an opportunity to investigate and explore the benefits and pathways of a career in this diverse and exciting industry.

In this lesson students identify the diverse range of careers available in the wool industry, consider why people choose to work in the industry and explore the pathways required to participate in careers that align with their interests and aspirations. 

The focus of this lesson is to encourage students to learn more about the wool industry and the diversity of career opportunities available to them within this industry. They will also explore the pathways required to participate in the careers they identify with and make links with industry professionals, where possible.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • identify careers that span the full breadth of the global wool supply chain
  • explore careers that may complement their interests and career aspirations
  • investigate the contribution work can make to an individual
  • explore different types of work (e.g. full-time, part-time, casual and contract)
  • identify pathways for careers of interest.

NOTE: This lesson contains optional extension activities

Invite at least two guest speakers from industry: one on-farm and one-off farm that relate to student choices. Encourage students to ask about pathways to the careers represented by the guest speakers. Students might also make inquiries regarding working conditions, career satisfaction and opportunities for career progression and further development.

For further support regarding guest speakers, you can contact your state coordinator:
https://www.wool.com/people/awi-grower-networks/ for potential guest speakers.

For students who are particularly interested in a career in the wool industry at the production end of the supply chain, the AgCard online platform contains a number of useful units to improve the health and wellbeing of people working in agriculture.

The units have been written in collaboration with relevant industry bodies across agriculture. As a tool for learning and sharing knowledge, students can access the units on any device with an internet connection, including a phone, tablet or laptop. An audio option is available within each unit for learners with literacy concerns.

After enrolling, the user selects the units they wish to complete and works their way through a series of practical and interactive learning materials.