Economics & Business

Wool business management

The Learn About Wool resources provide an ideal opportunity for Year 10 students to investigate ways businesses organise themselves to improve productivity, including the ways they manage their workforce, and how they respond to changing economic conditions.

The following curriculum-based resource package includes a variety of interactive resources, including downloadable PDF factsheets, websites, age-appropriate video-clips and publications.

A range of Learn About Wool (primary and secondary) factsheets is available to meet the needs of a wide range of students, and can be accessed from this site.

Links with the Australian Curriculum

Students can investigate the following resources to help them: describe ways in which businesses can improve productivity, for example training, capital investment, investment in applications of technology, use of just-in-time inventory systems, explore examples of ways businesses structure their working environment to provide flexible, efficient approaches, explore the use of technology and the extent to which it has driven and allowed innovative responses by business, explore the reasons for triple bottom line business planning and the possible implications for employees, competitors and the broader economy, identify ethical and unethical workplace practices and investigate the impact of these practices on individuals, investigate ways that businesses have responded to improving economic conditions, for example increasing their research and development funding to create innovative products, adjusting marketing strategies to expand their market share, upskilling their workforce to improve productivity.

Knowledge and understanding | Economics and business

The ways businesses respond to changing economic conditions and improve productivity through organisational management and workforce management (ACHEK054)

Business skills | Economics and business

Opportunities exist to incorporate the full strand depending on the classroom activity being undertaken (ACHES055, ACHES056, ACHES057, ACHES058, ACHES059, ACHES060, ACHES061)


All PDFs can be saved for use in the classroom; either on individual computers, laptops and tablets or smartboards, or they can be reproduced as hard-copy handouts.