Where can we use wool?

Wool’s range of unique properties make it an ideal fibre for many everyday applications. Wool is soft, comfortable, safe and environmentally sound. 

The focus of this lesson is to encourage students to think about the link between the properties of a fibre and the implications for its end use.

During this lesson students will have the opportunity to:

  • consider the implications of wool’s unique properties and draw conclusions about its suitability in a range of everyday uses
  • take part in informal and guided discussions relating to their observations
  • use drawings to represent observations and ideas and discuss their representations with others
  • communicate ideas through role play and drawing.

NOTE: This lesson contains an extension activity:

  • have students identify wool's properties on their favourite wool item.

Links to the Australian Curriculum:

  • Respond to questions about familiar objects and events (ACSIS014)
  • Share observations and ideas (ACSIS012)
  • Engage in discussions about observations and use methods such as drawing to represent ideas (ACSIS233)