Properties of wool

The Learn About Wool resources provide an ideal opportunity for Year 4 students to investigate the properties of wool in order to determine what makes wool the ideal fibre for use in a wide range of everyday products.

The following curriculum-based resource package includes a variety of interactive resources, including downloadable PDF factsheets, poster, videos and website.

Links with the Australian Curriculum

Science understanding | Chemical science

Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties that can influence their use (ACSSU074, ACSSU073)

Science inquiry skills

Opportunities exist to incorporate the full strand depending on the classroom activity being undertaken (ACSIS064ACSIS065ACSIS066ACSIS068ACSIS216ACSIS069

Science as a human endeavour

Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships (ACSHEO61, ACSHE062)


All PDFs can be saved for use in the classroom; either on individual computers, laptops and tablets or smartboards, or they can be reproduced as hard-copy handouts.

Download entire lesson plan as PDF