Wool – the sustainable fibre

The Learn About Wool resources provide an ideal opportunity for Year 4 students to explore how Australian woolgrowers manage their sheep and natural resources to ensure their wellbeing and protection.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn about how woolgrowers have a strong connection to the land and manage their farms to look after a wide range of native plants and animals.

The following curriculum-based resource package includes a variety of interactive resources, including downloadable PDF factsheets, websites, age-appropriate video-clips and publications.

Links with the Australian Curriculum

Students can investigate the following resources to help them: explore how vegetation has an important role in sustaining the environment by providing habitat for animals, sheltering crops and livestock, and making places appear more attractive; explain how people’s connections with their environment can also be aesthetic and emotional; explore strategies to protect particular environments that provide the habitats for animals (for example, planting bird-attracting vegetation).  These resources will also help students: identify some of the resources produced by the environment and where they come from (such as wool); explore how some natural resources are used and managed in sustainable and non-sustainable ways; identify renewable and non-renewable resources; and investigate where a particular renewable resource (e.g. wool) comes from and how it is used how woolgrowers manage their natural resources.

Knowledge and understanding | Geography

The importance of environments, including natural vegetation, to animals and people (ACHASSK088)

The use and management of natural resources and waste, and the different views on how to do this sustainably (ACHASSK090)

Inquiry and skills

Opportunities exist to incorporate the full strand depending on the classroom activity being undertaken (ACHASSI073, ACHASSI074, ACHASSI075, ACHASSI076, ACHASSI077, ACHASSI078, ACHASSI079, ACHASSI080, ACHASSI081, ACHASSI082)