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Design & Technologies

Wool production in Australia

The Learn About Wool resources provide an ideal opportunity for Year 3 – Year 4 students to investigate how sheep are managed for fibre production in an engaging and educational way that meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

The following curriculum-based resource package includes a variety of interactive resources, including downloadable PDF factsheets and posters, websites, and age-appropriate YouTube video clips, which can be used in conjunction with PIEFA Investigating food and fibres classroom resources.

Links with the Australian Curriculum

Students can investigate the following resources to help them: explore tools, equipment and procedures to improve wool production, for example technological developments for shearing, an management options to keep sheep healthy; identify the areas in Australia where wool is produced, describe the ideal conditions for successful wool production including how climate and soils affect production and availability of pasture.

Knowledge and understanding | Design & technologies

Investigate food and fibre production and food technologies used in modern and traditional societies (ACTDEK012)

Processes and production skills | Design & technologies

Opportunities exist to incorporate the full strand depending on the classroom activity being undertaken (ACTDEP014ACTDEP018)