Years 7 – 8

The LEARN ABOUT WOOL resources provide an ideal opportunity to explore the Australian Curriculum with students across Year 7 – Year 8.


The Australian wool industry can support students in Years 7 and 8 as they gain an appreciation for differences between living and non-living organisms and their interactions. Wool production provides a relevant context for the way humans and animals interact within food chains. It also illustrates the impact of science on the understanding and management of these delicate systems.

As herbivorous ruminants, sheep are an ideal example of an animal that is quite different in the structure of its organs, allowing students to investigate these differences and explore their functions.

Economics and Business

As a commodity, wool is highly influenced by consumer demand in a global marketplace. The wool industry provides an interesting platform on which students in Years 7 can examine how businesses respond to consumers, particularly in light of a global trend towards more sustainably produced food and fibre sources.

The wool industry has a wide range of case studies and business management tools, which students can utilise to develop an understanding of the key success factors in managing a healthy business and a rewarding lifestyle.

Design and Technologies

Australia’s wool industry provides the ideal opportunity for students across Years 7 and 8 to explore how wool is produced in carefully managed environments to ensure a balance between production and long-term environmental sustainability.

Wool4School™ competition

Wool4School™ is a real-life fashion design experience tailored for the classroom, with big rewards available for both students and teachers.

Open to year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students, Wool4School™ sets the challenge to design an original outfit made from one of the world’s most innovative and natural fibres – Australian Merino wool.

Lesson plans and resource packs have been designed in line with the Australian Curriculum, providing an easy-to-teach project to introduce to your Year 7 to 11 classes.

Teacher lesson plans – along with the student design brief – vary for each year group.

The teacher resource pack includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Units of work
  • Interactive teacher resources
  • Resource kit, which contains valuable information and fabric samples
  • Australian Curriculum links
  • Online videos and training material