Years 3 – 4

The LEARN ABOUT WOOL resources provide an ideal opportunity to explore the Australian Curriculum with students across Year 3 – Year 4.


Year 3 students will enjoy investigating the characteristics of living things using sheep as a context for learning.

In Year 4, students will be able to expand on this learning by looking at the lifecycle of sheep, exploring the factors that impact on their survival and how Australian wool producers use science information to ensure their animals and natural resources remain healthy and productive.

In the study of chemical science, Year 4 students will have the opportunity to explore and compare the physical properties of a natural fibre (wool) with that of other fibres and gain a greater appreciation of why wool is an ideal fibre for a wide range of everyday products.


In investigating the following resources, Year 4 students will be able to better gain a greater appreciation for the interactions between wool producers, their livestock and the natural and managed environment. They will be able to explore how wool producers manage their resources carefully to protect the environment for future generations.


Australia’s wool industry provides Year 4 students with the ideal opportunity to explore one of our nation’s significant pioneering industries in the context of the First Fleet.

Design and Technologies

Australia’s wool industry provides the ideal opportunity for students across Years 3 and 4 to explore how sheep are managed sustainably to produce wool and how the properties of wool allow it to be used for a diverse range of everyday products.