Foundation Year – Year 2

The LEARN ABOUT WOOL resources provide an ideal opportunity to explore the Australian Curriculum with students across the Foundation Year to Year 2.


Foundation Year students will enjoy comparing the needs of sheep with their own needs for survival. They can also explore the way wool feels, looks and smells as they learn more about its unique properties, which make wool an ideal fibre for use in a wide range of everyday products.

Year 1 students will get to investigate the noble sheep to see how different features help it survive in the natural landscape and understand how wool producers use science to ensure their flocks are healthy. They will also get to go on the journey from farm to fashion as they learn how wool is harvested from sheep and processed into one of nature’s finest fabrics.

Year 2 students will get to know more about the different types of sheep, including ewes, rams, wethers and lambs and the cycle of life on a wool property is undertaken.


Year 1 students in farming areas will be able to explore local wool properties to identify the natural, managed and constructed features of their local landscapes.


Australia’s wool industry provides Year 2 students with the ideal opportunity to explore one of our nation’s significant pioneering industries and the people and places that have contributed to its development and success.

Design and Technologies

Australia’s wool industry provides the ideal opportunity for students across the Foundation Year to Year 2 to explore how animals are managed sustainably to produce food and fibre.